101 Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

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Having lots of questions to ask your boyfriend is useful in getting to know your boyfriend in a deeper way. Get to know what he is passionate about. Learn what makes him happy and sad. Discover his priorities and goals.

Below you will find a list of stimulating questions to ask your boyfriend. But every bit as important as asking the right questions is knowing how to listen to your boyfriend when he is answering you. Fully listening to his answers will have him feel more expressed.

If you ask the right questions you are going to score a lot of points with your boyfriend, but you can lose the points just as quickly by not having patience and waiting for his full answer.

Its very common for men to pause and formulate exactly they want to say. If you interrupt him while he is formulating his answer he will get frustrated. He will discontinue his communication and youll miss the most interesting points that he is wanting to share with you.

Men are one-pointed focused all the time, so you want to make sure he is not preoccupied with something else. Asking, "Is this a good time to ask a question?" will make a big difference. Don’t take it personally if he says no. Just try again at a later time.

The perfect time to ask your question is over dinner when you have his full attention. You can even ask him one of these questions in an email. Just remember to make sure it is a good time to ask the question.

After you ask your question, give your boyfriend time to think. He is not just making up some answer for you. He actually knows what the answer is and he needs time to formulate the answer in words.

Sit still and be patient while he thinks. Prompting him or asking your question another way will just break his train of thought. This will cause him to not fully answer your question and you will miss out on knowing something new about him.

Your boyfriend doesnt like getting into trouble with you. If he thinks his answer will get him into trouble he probably wont answer the question.

When asking these questions to ask your boyfriend you want to make sure you are safe to talk to. Keep an open mind and appreciate him for answering your question.

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